Ambassador Program

About the ICFSAZ Chapter Ambassador Program

Members of the Ambassador Program of the International Coach Federation Southern Arizona Chapter (ICFSAZ) serve as ambassadors for coaching as defined by the competencies, standards and ethics of the ICF. The Ambassador Program connects qualified speaker/coaches with organizations/events that have a focus on learning more about the art and science of coaching.

The Directory of Speakers

The Ambassador Program Directory makes it easy to find coaches who are available to speak about what coaching has to offer and about the coaching profession.

Each coach has included a list of relevant topics and approximate presentations times. However, many members of the Ambassador Program are also willing to prepare presentations that will serve your specific needs and event themes.

Speaker Fees

There is no charge for presentations by ICFSAZ Ambassador Program members on coaching topics listed in the directory for presentations up to one hour in length, however honorariums are appreciated. For other, more specific or longer presentations, fees can be negotiated. Some coaches are willing to travel outside of the Phoenix area, in which case they may request travel expenses to be paid.

Arranging for a Speaker/Coach

To request a speaker/coach for your program, contact the speaker/coach directly using the contact information provided in the directory.


Contact the ICFSAZ Chapter as shown below. Include the organization name, contact person, contact phone number and e-mail address. A confirmation will be returned to you and your information will be forwarded to a speaker/coach who can meet your request. The speaker/coach will contact you to make final arrangements. The ICFSAZ Chapter is not responsible for making final arrangements for engagements.

Contacting the ICF Ambassador Program:
By E-mail:
By Phone: 520-505-6608

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