About Us

On December 12, 2000, at the invitation of Diane Brennan, a dozen coaches met at a central Tucson hotel restaurant to discuss forming a local community of coaches, possibly an International Coach Federation chapter.

The twelve original coaches were:

  • Barbara Rose Gaynor (Board member 01, 02, 03, 04)
  • Cathi Vigil
  • Diane Brennan (Inaugural Chapter President 01, Board member 02, 03. ICF Global President 08, ICF Global Board member 04, 05, 06, President Elect 07, Past President 09)
  • Dick Greene
  • Donna Reed
  • Dale Bruder
  • Jim Parker (Chapter President 05, Board member 01, 06)
  • Judy Epstein (Board member 01, 02)
  • Pat Marum (Chapter President 08, Board member 01, 02, 03, 04, 07, 09)
  • Sally Raduenzel (Chapter President 02, Board member 01, 03)
  • Tara Gidwani (Board member 01)
  • Wendy Wein (Chapter President 03, Board member 01, 02, 04

Anyone who has started a membership organization from scratch knows that the path is not always smooth, and yet it is in those challenging and interesting times where strength of purpose and character are both formed and tested. It is also well understood that strength and character can ebb without vigilance and continued commitment by subsequent generations of membership.

Because of the deep commitment to, the sacrifices needed for, and the clear intention of building a coaching community, those twelve individuals not only persisted despite challenges and despite those who said it couldn't happen, but they also found and invited others interested in coaching, creating the nucleus for a strong ICF chapter.

There is someone else who needs to be mentioned here. When ICF Tucson Chapter started without yet even a name, neither were there any finances. Tucson coach Margaret Krigbaum, a founding member of the International Coach Federation and long time ICF Global Board member, chose to act as a sort of financial fairy godmother, generously funding us with much appreciated seed money ($400). It was just what was needed to give the budding chapter the necessary breathing space to begin to function as a community.

Today, the ICF Tucson Chapter is recognized in the ICF Global coaching community as a vibrant well regarded chapter which has positively impacted coaching globally through the commitment of its members to both local and global coaching issues. We have had the honor of seeing one of our own as the Global ICF President, and we have many members involved in teaching and training coaches worldwide, as well as in invited, voluntary service on global ICF committees and task forces, which continue to positively shape the present and future of coaching. ICF Tucson Chapter continues to be an incubator for coaching leadership and social action.