2017 ICFSAZ Newsletter - 3nd Quarter Print

President's Report

We have passed the halfway point of our 2017 calendar and are now beginning to look ahead into the future.  First, however, I want to let everyone know what a really great board of directors you have who are volunteering their time to help ICF Southern Arizona Chapter to succeed.  Below are some of the accomplishments this board has achieved:

Danny Valenzuela, VP Membership has engaged in meeting with new members and effectively promoted the value of membership.  As a result, we have nearly doubled the number of members who have invested in the chapter.  In addition, Danny introduced The Ambassador Program which we hope to continue to grow moving forward.

Nancy Cohen, VP Programs reached out to our very talented members to ensure promotion of their workshops and programs.  As a result, we have enjoyed highly interactive meetings designed to help coaches with developing both their coaching competencies and their businesses. 

Denise Cherry, Treasurer took the initiative and really got a handle on our financial situation as well as moved beyond the typical Treasurer role by keeping all of us on track with developing a quarterly newsletter and ensuring we have CCEUs for every program we deliver. 

Ginny Stasinski, Secretary did more than make sure we have minutes for each of our board meetings.  Ginny was instrumental in helping us clean up and improve our chapter website.  In addition, her insightful critical thinking provided valuable perspective in our board decisions.

Linda Drake, Past President has been a great mentor and active board participant.  Linda’s willingness to connect with others in the Southern Arizona business community truly made a positive impact on the chapter. 

I feel truly honored to work with each and every member of this year’s board.

Now, let’s look forward.  The Nominating Committee for the ICFSAZ 2018 board has been assembled with Linda Drake leading the effort.  The other 2 members of the committee are also Past Presidents of the chapter; Diane Brennan and Pat Marum.  We hope to have nominations for all positions no later than September 15, 2017.  At this stage, we need at least one nomination for each of the following positions.  General descriptions can be found in the By- Laws that are posted on our website:

  •       President Elect
  •       VP Membership
  •       VP Programs
  •       VP Marketing
  •       Business Liaison


As a Board we recognize your need for a return on your investment.  We intend to not only give you visibility, but help you to grow your business.  We will profile you and your services in our newletter and give you the opportunity to present at our meetings as a priority.  We will also support you by creating opportunities for webinars with our chapter and others as well.

Given this, my personal request is IF you care about the coaching profession and your coaching colleagues, please seriously consider being a part of ICFSAZ as a board memberBE a part of our growth as a coaching community.  ACT upon what you would like to see this organization doingPLEASE do not stay silent or speak critically without offering recommendations or solutions.

This chapter’s future all depends upon you.  Now, what will you do?

Please express your interest to be a member of the ICFSAZ 2018 Board by contacting Linda Drake by phone at 520-820-6595 or by email at

Thank You!


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ICF Global & Chapter Membership

Why Membership Is Important

There are many reasons to become a Full Member of ICFSAZ. Aside from the typical discounts on ICFSAZ activities, being a member can help your career and strengthen your network.

Having a strong membership base can help build your network. It can help you make connections that can be critical to your growth and the growth of your business. You can meet other coaches who can be supportive of your efforts, perhaps collaborating on projects that would have been more difficult by yourself.

As a Full Member, you can serve on the board or lead a committee or special project. If eligible, you can serve as a member of our Ambassador Program. As an Ambassador for ICFSAZ you appear on the ICFSAZ Ambassador page of our website where individuals or companies who are looking for someone to speak on a coaching subject can find them. It gives you and your company exposure to potential clients.

Being a mentor to other coaches can be a great reward and benefit. Since I have moved to Southern Arizona a little over a year ago, I have made new friends in the coaching profession. It has opened new contacts, friendships and professional relationships I would not have had if I were not a member.

Members can also help give back to the community by volunteering for some of the community forums and initiatives that support community efforts. Some of our members are part of the Stand Beside Them, Inc. group of coaches who provide pro-bono coaching services to Veterans and their families.

Finally, there is strength in numbers. It is very difficult for a few to do for the many, so by joining ICFSAZ you can help shoulder some of the responsibility by becoming a part of the support system for coaches.  Greater numbers give us more strength to approach possible sponsors for our events and helps us become more visible in the community.

Be proud to be a member of ICFSAZ, and encourage your fellow coaching friends or coaching students to join us in making and giving coaching a more visible presence in our community.

Stay inspired and motivated. If you love what you do, get involved and be proactive. Join us today, you’ll enjoy the adventure.

Danny Valenzuela, ACC, CTPC
ICFSAZ Membership Chair

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Program HighLights from Nancy Cohen, VP Programs & Events


Hello Coaches! 

We have been highlighting our local talent this year. So far this year, we have enjoyed workshops from Mark Jepperson, Sandy Hogan and Renee Freedman.

Also, we gave the Coaches Cafe a valiant effort and, due to minimal interest and feedback, we have decided to place these on hold.  We simply need a cadre of coaches who are willing facilitate coaching topics in an informal atmosphere.  If you are interested, please let me know.

So what do we have lined up the remainder of 2017 and beyond?  

August 2017:   ICF Converge. Our chapter is well represented with two (2) of our MCC coaches presenting at the conference - Diane Brennan and Karen Cappello.  If you are attending and wish to join up with fellow ICFSAZ members in DC, please contact Jan Foran at 

Thursday, September 7 (5:30 pm to 7:00 pm):  The Power of Appreciative Inquiry as a Coaching Practice facilitated by Deborah Maher.  Deborah Maher brings 30+ years of experience in working in the public, nonprofit and social sectors using strength-based approaches, most notably, in Appreciative Inquiry( AI). In addition to being certified in AI, Deborah is a certified ICF Leadership Coach and now a certified Governance Trainer with BoardSource a national nonprofit resource organization. 

With this depth of knowledge and experience Deborah is able to help organizations reach new levels of excellence so they can better serve their communities. 

Join us at our next gathering as we explore the power of positivity.  You will leave with some insights and hot tips you can use immediately in your practice, your home and in your community. 

Special Event on Saturday, October 14 from 10:00 am ­to 2:30 pm enter into a time for Resilience and Renewal and experience the generative presence of joy, wholeness and possibly magic. Join us for a replenishing time with friends of ICFSAZ to nourish spirit, body, heart and mind. Jen Sellers, MCC and Nancy Smyth, MCC are happy to be your hosts. 

Special Event on Saturday, November 11 from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm Managing, Leading and Engaging Millennials.   Millennials are the single largest age group in the workforce.  They have unique characteristics that are demanding cultural adaptation.  Are we truly prepared for the dynamic changes this critical group requires for employment? Author and speaker, Linda Drake, PCC will provide a deep dive into the Millennial mindset and present solutions to attract and retain them. They are our business future

Attendees will learn: 

  • Generational comparisons
  • What Millennials really want
  • Analysis of major international studies from PWC and Deloitte
  • Management solutions


December 7th, 4:00 pm ­- 7:00 pm we will gather for our Holiday Social at the Living Room La Encantada patio! It will be a casual and fun time to meet and connect. 

We are already working on the 2018 calendar!  We will be adding webinars and three major events.

We are really excited about upcoming programs and learning opportunities

Do you have a topic you’d like to present? Do you have a webinar friendly presentation?  Or would you like to become involved in planning future programs and events?  Please contact me directly to learn more!


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Calendar of Events

2017 Meetings & Events

Check out what we have in store the remainder of 2017 and what is in work for 2018!

9/7/17 The Power of Appreciative Inquiry as a Coaching Practice Deborah Maher Plaza Arboleda Conference Center, 2502 N. Dodge Blvd, Tucson 5:30-7:30 pm
10/14/17 Resilience and Renewal Jen Sellers & Nancy Smyth Plaza Arboleda Conference Center, 2502 N. Dodge Blvd, Tucson 10:30am - 2:30 pm
11/11/17 Managing, Leading & Engaging Millenials Linda Drake Plaza Arboleda Conference Center, 2502 N. Dodge Blvd, Tucson 10:30am - 2:30 pm
12/7/17 Holiday Social   The Living Room Wine Cafe & Lounge, 2905 E. Skyline Dr #168, Tucson 4:30 - 7 pm
1/27/18 2018 ICFSAZ Kick Off Event Karen Cappello In works 10:30am - 2:30 pm
5/12/18 ICFSAZ All Day Coaching Conference  TBD In works 9 am - 4 pm



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