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President's Report

I recently attended the ICF Global Leader Forum (GLF) that was held in Warsaw, Poland and engaged in great sharing conversations with leaders spanning the world from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  It is so amazing to connect with others without thought of borders or boundaries yet in a way that invites curiosity and dialog.  I feel humbled and honored to be among so many who share diverse perspectives and challenges while establishing, growing and sustaining coaching chapters.

The theme of the conference, “Leading into the Future,” was kicked off by Kjell Nordstrom, PhD, a futurist whose recent book, Urban Express, conveys provocative predictions about the rise of women and the concentration of power in cities. One of his provocative ideas is that knowledge, which is now doubling every 26 months, will be mostly free. If you can say it or write it, anyone can get his or her hands on it. An exception is what he calls ‘wild knowledge’. This is knowledge that you must gain from an experience and proximity. He used the example of acupuncture. Only through practice alongside a master can you use this knowledge. This also describes the art of science of coaching. Practices like mindfulness, listening, and being present help us in our coaching and help our clients be more effective. But you can’t do them by reading about them in a book. You must do them, perhaps poorly at first, and then get better and better as we implement new skills and capabilities.  This is what we offer all who attend our meetings and coach cafes!

Most of the conference was an amazing idea exchange. ICF Minnesota used ice fishing as a metaphor to show the lengths people will go to just so they can connect. The activities popped out like tapas in a Spanish café, each bite-size, delicious and worth sharing: Breakfasts with the president, pro bono coaching for non-profit leaders, college student coaching, speakers bureaus with topics of interest to business like difficult conversations or influence, press conferences for journalists so they understand coaching, competency circles to practice a core competency with an MCC coach and sponsorships from organizations who promote coach training, services and products (i.e.:  assessment Hogan and DiSC).

As I contemplated these ideas, I got excited about the future. And I also got real. For the most part, your board has initiated the work of the chapter. Finding programs, writing up the communications, administering renewals, welcoming new folks to meetings, offering support and guidance, driving special events like International Coaching Week. We will keep doing all those things and will become a bit more efficient, tapping into our peers at other chapters in our region. And we welcome your participation in all of this.

The world needs your influence as a coach. As one of our coach leaders stated at the Global Forum: “Whenever we touch the life of one person, we are ‘global’.”  We are all connected, and I want you to enjoy the enormous benefits that emerge from intentionally connecting to coaches everywhere.   You can do this locally. You can also do this at the first ICF Global Conference (ICF Converge) to be held in 5 years this August in Washington DC.   There is simply nothing like it!  Go do the work, rise up to a higher professional level than where you are now, and ‘go Global’!


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ICF Global & Chapter Membership

Membership Has its Advantages

As of this writing here are approximately 47 ICF International Member Coaches who list the ICF Southern Arizona Chapter (ICFSAZ) as their Chapter of choice. But only approximately 33 of the 47 have chosen to join the Chapter by paying Chapter dues and become Full Members.

If you are a member of ICF, and not a member of the local Chapter (ICFSAZ), consider the advantages of becoming a Chapter Member.

What is in it for you?  Develop your coaching skills. Build your coaching business. Network with other coaches. 

Join today to enjoy all that the ICF Southern Arizona Chapter provides!

Investment in your development and growth. Full membership has its advantages. Here are just a few:

  • Discount for attending chapter programs
  • Connect with the finest coaches in our region
  • Advance your coaching skills by participating in engaging meetings with guest speakers, and earn CCEU’s.
  • Learn & Practice in upcoming Coach Cafes
  • Participate in the Meet-ups
  • Be a voice within the chapter and with ICF Global
  • Promote your business through chapter website announcements and monthly newsletters at no extra cost
  • Network with your peers
  • Join the Ambassadors Program and increase your exposure while speaking about the advantages of coaching to interested organizations.

Your Board of Directors are working hard to bring value to your membership. Help them so that ICFSAZ can grow and develop programs to its members.

If you are a member, thank you. If you know a coach who is not, reach out to them and encourage them to join. Bring them to a meeting and let us demonstrate the value of membership. We will all be better because of it.

See you at the next event. If I can answer any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 520-505-6608 or membership@icfsaz.com.

Thank you for your consideration.

Danny Valenzuela, ACC, CTPC

ICFSAZ Membership Chair

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Program HighLights from Nancy Cohen, VP Programs & Events


We have had several great programs this year. Mark Jepperson presented “Introduction to Work Culture for Coaches” in February and Sandy Hogan presented “9 Basic Fears” in April. Both were well received by all in attendance!

On May 4, Renee Freedman will be our guest speaker, sharing how we can design a game for impact (check out what she has in store below) 

In addition, we can look forward to summer programming that incorporates coach cafes and business related workshop. 

With the ICF Converge, The Interaction of Coaching and Potential, taking place August 24-26, 2017 in Washington DC. I am planning a Sept. 7 round table conversation where those who attended will share their insights and experiences interacting with coaches from across the world.  

Here's what we have planned for this Fall (some of these dates may change):

Jennifer Sellers will be presenting on October 5th

Linda Drake's "Accelerate Your Business" presentation on November 16 will incorporate Southern Arizona alliances and become a sponsorship event

Of course, we will have an opportunity to celebrate our wins and each other during our Holiday Social!

I would appreciate any feedback as to what is most valuable to you during the summer months.  Please email me at Programs@icfsaz.com with your ideas. 

May Learning Opportunity

Creating a Game for Impact with Renee Freedman  Register Now! 

May 04, 2017 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Arboleda Conference Center

2502 N Dodge Blvd, Manzanita Conf. Room

Tucson, AZ 85716

Many coaches enter the profession because of their desire to make a difference and some discernible impact in the world.  We attract clients who want to do the same whether it's solving a social, health or economic issue creating global awareness transforming conflict into collaboration or increasing accessibility to services or products.

In this highly interactive session, Renee Freedman will facilitate you to design a game to create impact for yourself and your clients along with sharing the game she's used to successfully create or exponentially expand impact for social entrepreneurs, organizations, and activists over the past 12 years.  Upon leaving the session, you will have a ready to apply model to use.

About Renee Freedman, MSEd., PCC

Renee has an uncanny gift for identifying where transformation is needed and building coaching programs and designing intensive immersive collaborative experiences that creates and amplifies impact. 

Renee’s work is based on her deep belief that every individual and organization is a potential game changer. She derives much pleasure from co-founding and directing the coaching program for the designated Fellows of TED and founding and directing the coaching program for the Fellows of the Unreasonable Institute, Starting Bloc, ‘The Venture’ social entrepreneurial competition, and the Women at Sundance Fellows of Sundance Institute. She’s also designed, curated, and executed for incubator type collaboratoriums with outstanding turnaround results for 36 social entrepreneurs and activists solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Renee’s work has benefitted the Institute of Generative Leadership, TED, Chivas Regal, the Modern Language Association, Envoy Airlines, Havas Edge, Wikimedia, LA Public Law Library, New York Public Library, California State Senate, Pima County District Attorney’s Office, Unreasonable Institute, Fabernovel, and Columbia University Press. 

$25.00 Full Member (ICF and Chapter)

$20.00 Earlybird rate before April 28

$30.00 Guest Fee (Not a member of ICF Global; Not a member of ICFSAZ)

$25.00 Earlybird rate before April 28

$25.00 Affiliate (Not a member of ICF Global; affiliate of ICFSAZ)

$20.00 Earlybird rate before April 28

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Calendar of Events

International Coaching Week

In service of humanity flourishing, ICF Southern Arizona Chapter is excited to host Coffee & Coaching at coffee shops, libraries and other public venues across all of Southern Arizona enabling individuals and organizations to Experience Coaching during International Coaching Week 2017.

5/13/17 How to Change Your Life Rebecca Smith Historic Y, 738 N 5th Ave, Tucson 9 - 11 am
5/15/17 Mind Power Coaching - Coaching for Kids 6-12 Yrs Nancy Cohen Nanini Library, 7300 North Shannon Rd, Tucson 4 - 6 pm
5/17/17 Monetizing Your Abilities Don Zavis Oro Valley Country Club, 300 W Greenock, Oro Valley 8 - 9 am 
5/17/17 Monetizing Your Abilities Don Zavis Oro Valley Country Club, 300 W Greenock, Oro Valley 4 - 5 pm
5/18/17 Introduction to Coaching Sandy Hogan Nanini Library, 7300 North Shannon Rd, Tucson 5 - 7 pm
5/19/17 Mind Power Coaching - Coaching for Kids 6-12 Yrs  Nancy Cohen Murphy-Wilmot Library, 320 South Wilmot Rd, Tucson 3 - 5 pm


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Community Service

On Wednesday, April 26, Linda Drake (Past President 2016), Cornelia Long (Past President 2014-15), Danny Valenzuela (VP Membership) and Jan Foran (President) engaged with veterans as well as with representatives from veterans aid organizations located within Arizona colleges and universities.  These organizations provide help to our veterans through mentoring, counseling and advising.  We emphasized the value of coaching and how this nicely dovetails with the services these organizations provide.  

This was a great opportunity to develop new connections with the local educational community; one we intend to further develop and build.

A special thanks to Linda Drake for setting us up for this special alliance building opportunity!  


Check out the photos (thanks, Danny!)

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